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Torque Multipliers

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Torque Multipliers


Oil & Gas, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Piping, Mining, Automobile.


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Product Description

A Powerful Robust, Versatile, Portable and Accurate Tool:

Torc Star Torque Multipliers provides extra mechanical advantages needed to tighten or loosen stubborn nuts and bolts located
in cramped or (in accessible) positions. A manual Tool, particularly recommended where no compressed air/electric power
available for use of Power Tools.

Torc Star Torque Multipliers increase the Torque capacity of Torque Wrenches, Hand Ratchets/Wheel Braces at the input end by a factor depending on the model selected. This enables the operator to achieve high levels of Torque safely and easily.

With continuous R & D efforts, we have two variety of Torque multipliers in our product range, the conventional ‘AM’ series and a more compact and light weight ‘TVR’ series.

A testimony on the use of Torc Star Torque multiplier from our client at Estonia, M/s. Metsateknika As.
“ We tested this tool in January 2003, Hydraulic Hammer was Krupp HM 1500 Marathon V. First Tightening of Bolts (55 mm) was 500 Nm. After that,, we had to Tighten Bolts two times 120” Degree (240 Degrees). It was really easy to do this Job with Torc Star Torque Multiplier 9/25. The Tightening arm was only 45 cm long. During final tightening, I mentioned how our mechanic smiled. It was easy to do the job only with one hand he has really good tool. Next day I told about this experience to our good friends in Finland – Jasto Oy. They are selling Atlas Copco and Krupp Hydraulic Hammers in Finland. Now the are also thinking about buying this Torque Multiplier.” Mr. Harri Ummik.

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