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Flange Spreaders

A flange spreader, or a flange separator is sometimes called as an industrial tool that is designed to help open up or separate flanges. Flanges are commonly found on pipes which is used to either connect them together or as a cap to cover or close them up.
Torcstar Flange Spreader utilises a high load compact hydraulic cylinder together with a wedge and retaining mechanism to smoothly and evenly force open the flanged joint.
Flange spreading tools, also known as pipe flange spreaders or flange splitters are available in a range of styles and configurations to assist in the spreading of all pipe flange joint types including those with no access gaps between them. Hydraulic models are remotely operated (requiring hand or powered pump to operate), integral (pump integrated into design) or mechanical. Wedge type spreaders and secure grip spreaders are the main styles which we offer for a wide range of pipe flange sizes. 

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