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Torque Multipliers

It is a simple gear box, works on the principle of ‘Epicyclic Gearing’. The given load at the input gets multiplied as per the multiplication factor & transmitted at the output, thereby with a minimum efforts you achieve greater load.

> Accuracy better than +4%.
> Precision tightening and loosening of all heavy-duty fasteners.
> Low energy input with high torque transfer.
> Higher capacity multipliers are furnished with strong ratchets (Anti-wind up mechanism) allowing jobs to be performed easily, efficiently, and safely.
> Precision Manufacturing ensures long life and premier quality.
> A groove on output Square breaks if over loaded more than 20% of its capacity.

Torcstar Torque Multipliers provides extra mechanical advantages needed to tighten or loosen stubborn nuts and bolts locatedin cramped or (in accessible) positions. A manual Tool, particularly recommended where no compressed air/electric power available for use of Power Tools.
Overall, Torque Multipliers are the ones used for tightening and loosening heavy duty bolting connections. It reduces a lot of physical effort and act as a crucial support to apply torque more accurately.

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